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Deluxe Metal Products Co., Ltd. manufactures high quality kitchen products for many of the most well-known and respected names in the housewares industry. Our portfolio includes stainless steel cookware, multi-ply clad metal cookware, aluminum and hard anodized aluminum cookware, pressure cookers, kitchen tools/accessories and table-top products.

We are an ambitious, passionate and dynamic team, full of creative and innovative ideas. Our core management team has extensive experience in the manufacturing and marketing of all varieties of top quality cookware. As an OEM manufacturer we serve numerous brands, department/specialty retailers, retail chains and premium/special markets. We produce products that fit a range of price points with a focus on the better/best quality market segment. Our major marketing regions include America, Europe, Scandinavia, Japan and other Asian regions.

We aim at providing our customers with a “Total Product Solution”. By blending customer ideas and marketing needs with our innovative inputs and professional know-how in design and manufacturing, we can best meet their expectations in style, quality and price. From the outset, our core team will work together with our customers and develop the best suited products through feasibility studies of product ideas and technical research to come up with the most appropriate product design and production techniques. This will ensure that high quality products can be efficiently and safely produced and delivered on-time to our clients. ...

At Deluxe Metal Products, we place great emphasis on quality assurance. All the design and production of our products strictly follow the major international cookware manufacturing standards such as EN, DIN, CMA and JIS. We have also adopted the ISO 9001 Quality System and all aspects of design and manufacturing are closely monitored for quality and consistency. Also, we are a qualified Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) member for we care about our team members and are committed to continuously improving our working conditions and environment.

We strive to develop long term partnerships with our customers. With our experience, innovation, integrity, commitment and professional attitude, we are determined to continuously meet our customer's needs and expectations. Deluxe Metal Products Co., Ltd. will certainly be your 'First Choice Business Partner' in high quality cookware and table top products.

You are cordially invited to contact us and experience how our "Total Product Solution" can serve you. Our customers are consistently pleased with the quality, service and value we provide.

Our manufacturing plant is located in Guangdong Province close to Guangzhou City. The factory has a total area of 950,000 square feet and features 5 impact bonding machines (2400 Tons, 3x1600 Tons and 1000 Tons), a newly designed auto product cleaning line and semi-automatic grinding and polishing lines. We are capable of producing 5.5 million pieces of stainless steel impact bonded cookware per year.

By the end of 2014 we will have an all new coatings line installed, giving us the ability to apply PTFE non-stick and non-stick ceramic coatings in-house. Future plans include the installation of a few more impact bonding machines and machinery to increase maximum yearly production capacity to 10 million pieces.

We have a strong R&D team who continuously develop new innovations and are able to turn customer's ideas into 3D design. Following feasibility studies and prototyping, designs can then be turned into production molds within a short period of time by our in-house mold shop. Our mold shop is equipped with the latest CNC and EDM machines.

Quality is the key to our success! With our own in-house quality control laboratory, you can rest assured that our products meet all major international cookware safety and quality standards.

To establish "Deluxe" as the new standard in manufacturers by removing the obstacles that come with sourcing product. We will guide customer partners in each step of the sourcing process from design, prototype, manufacture, packaging, logistics and marketing – bringing global reach and new capabilities to new brands, retailers and marketers.

Our Goal

To provide customers with a "Total Product Solution"! By blending our customers' ideas and marketing needs with our innovative inputs and professional know-how in design and manufacturing, we are able to formulate a product proposal which can best meet their expectations in style, quality and price.

Our Product

We strive to provide our customers with "The Best Choice in Product Selection" -- a product not only with superior quality, but at a reasonable and competitive price, with innovative and extra added values, so that our customers can continuously stand out among their competitors.

Our Engineering Technology

We continuously search for new materials and technology that improve the quality and safety of our products. These new solutions improve our products and production techniques allowing Deluxe to meet ever changing market demands and constantly innovate.

Our Quality

We insist on the best quality and consistency to maintain customer confidence. Our quality is at the core of what we do and is the corner stone for our company's success and development.

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