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Tivoli R02

Hard Anodize Aluminum provide an extremely hard surface layer which is twice as strong as Steel which provides incredible durability. It can be a SS/AL of 2 ply material. ( Hard Anodized outer surface and inner 18/10 stainless steel layer) which combine the fast and evenly heat up performance and stainless steel beauty. Aluminum had a superior heat transmission which provide a Fast and even heat distribution for perfect cooking performance – great for cooking quickly and evenly. The Al material forming the whole pot body which heat can spread evenly throughout the entire pot body and up to the pot rim. Hollow handle design with stay cool and comfort grip. Suitable for induction are available.

New series from Deluxe products catalogue 2011.

Stainless steel(86)Stainless steel clad metal(15)Copper Clad metal (3)Hard Anodized Aluminum(6)Specialty Items(11)Catering(4)
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