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Hard Anodized Aluminum
Aluminum is a very commonly used material to make cookware. It has very good thermal conductivity which provides a quick and even heat distribution around the vessel. It can be handled very easily. because of its specifically light weight, but the abrasion resistance is poor compared with stainless steel material. However, with the use of hard anodization process applied on the aluminum vessel, the aluminum surface structure is changed to form an extremely hard surface film layer. This film layer provides an extremely well abrasion resistance to wear and tear. The final product thus becomes more durable with very good heat distribution for easy cooking, but at the same time very light for easy handling.

The vessel material normally is one layer aluminum, or with 2 layers Bi-ply which, with stainless steel as the inside layer can combine the best advantages of hard anodized aluminum and stainless steel material. Products can also come with induction suitable base.
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