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Copper Clad metal
Copper has long been a traditional material to make cookware. It attracts a lot of people because of its noble and refined appearance. Copper has an excellent thermal conductivity, so it becomes the best heat conductor of all the common materials that used for making cookware. The vessel heat up extremely fast as heat transmitted directly through the base and round the body. It’s suitable for slow cooking and perfectly for dishes which require precise temperature control. With the add of aluminum core, it could become a 3 ply’s construction where heat can be retained much longer. This combine both the advantage of copper’s high heat transmitting rate and Aluminum’s good heat retention where heat can fast but evenly spread through the entire vessel. This highly reduce the risk of overheat spots that causing food burn.

Commonly Copper clad material available are with 2, 3 & 5 layers where core material are mainly copper or aluminum alloy with stainless steel inner layer which provide very good hygienic aspects.
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