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Stainless steel clad metal
Clad metal is sandwich construction with “steel/Aluminum or copper /steel" which is uniquely bond together. Commonly clad material available are with 2 , 3 , 5 , 7 layers where core material are mainly copper or aluminum alloy and outer layer can be magnetic steel which make product suitable for induction.

The use of multi-layers clad metal construction which brings the high efficiency “Thermal Base” concept to the entire body vessel and finally over-come the low thermal conductivity problem in single layer stainless steel vessel. Once heat up, the heat energy is uniformly transferred from bottom through to the entire vessel where temperature difference between the bottom and the side wall was minimized.

It also has a very good heat retention characteristic because heat energy trip inside the aluminum core by both inside and outside stainless steel layer. So it allows cooking with medium fire but remaining at very high cooking energy efficiency. This not just help to save a lot of energy, but also help to prevent food burn or sticking on the bottom which make cooking easily.
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